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Jim Wordes and Aasif Mandvi

About a month ago, my pal Jim Wordes called to say that one of his pals from USF, Aasif Mandvi, has a new film called Today’s Special. (Aasif’s day job is as a special correspondent for a little basic cable show you may have heard of called “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart“).  Jim also said that Aasif has family in the area and perhaps we could coordinate a visit. Yada, yada, yada… Aasif will be here for a Q&A after the Saturday, November 27, 7:30 screening.  You can also catch him on WMNF 88.5 Art in Your Ear with the lovely hostess, JoEllen Schilke, on Friday, November 26, 1-2pm.  Listen live at 88.5 or online at wmnf.org.  They are both smart and hilarious so should be a fun show!

The interesting thing here is that Jim was our connection to some other pals from USF with family still in the area, Seth Keal and Charles Miller, who came to TT for Q&A’s with their film, Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work.

The takeaways here are:
1.  Always answer phone calls from Jim Wordes.
2.  USF gets an A+ for educating students who go on to such successful careers.

Aasif returned to USF last week to give a lecture (he’s hilarious!).  Jim and I went and he snapped some photos for Creative Loafing.  I accompanied Jim to say hi to Aasif afterwards — what a nice guy!

Indie Filmmaker Kimberly Wetherell

In another Today’s Special coincidence… got a call earlier this week from a successful indie filmmaker named Kimberly Wetherell (another local done good) who was the associate producer for Today’s Special.  She’s from here, moved to NYC and just happens to be down here working on a new film (which will likely premiere at TT.)  She’s over the moon that Today’s Special will be at TT — her favorite movie palace.  So… yada, yada, yada… Kimberly will be here for a Q&A after the Friday, November 26, 7:30 screening.



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Team Tampa - John, Tara, Erin, Jim, Alicia

While at Sundance, met up with with my Tampa pals, the fabulous and funny Alicia and John Johnson and new Tampa pals, the lovely Erin who volunteers at WMNF and Jim.

Jen, Alicia, Mario After Filming

Erin, Alicia, Mario, John

We were walking down Main Street and ran into a crew for Extra TV with Mario Lopez.  We got pulled in to be on the show for a staged photo during a promo.   We stood next to Mario while he talked about Extra’s Sundance coverage.  Then Alicia was told to ask him if we could take a photo.  At that point, I zipped around to snap this photo (left). 

I texted some friends and family to watch the show that night, adding to look for the dork in the red hat (me).  Several people texted back that, yes, I did look like a dork.  I don’t mind being a dork — it keeps expectations low. You can watch us all in our little Extra segment by clicking here.   

Speaking of Tampa pals, I stayed warm thanks to the sweet and generous Andrea Daly Halpern, who lent me her blue ski parka.  (Hey – let’s plan the next next G.R.G.!)  And hey Mom — thanks for sending me off to Sundance with a new scarf!  Kept my neck fashionably warm.

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